8 Reasons to Choose French as your Foreign Language

Want to learn a new language? Here are some reasons why French might just be the perfect foreign language for you!

We've all heard it. Speaking more than one language is beneficial for brain development, improved memory, critical thinking, and it can get us better opportunities in our career. If you still haven't decided which language to learn, here are a few reasons why French might be the perfect choice for you!

1. You dream of visiting Paris


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Have you always dreamt of visiting Paris? Or maybe, you are already in love with the city and want to visit again? Learning French can make the experience of visiting the city of love 100% better. Explore the city like a local without the fear of being lost or not being able to talk to anyone. Order your favourite food, wine, pastry, and coffee en français. And as you get more comfortable with the language and the city, dare to venture into the other parts of France where you can see more of this beautiful country, learn more about its history and truly immerse yourself in French culture. 


2. You want to make a difference and work with major international organisations


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Did you know that French is an official language in a lot of major international organisations? Organisations like the United Nations (Organisation des Nations Unies),  International Red Cross, (Comité international de la Croix-Rouge) and even the International Olympic Committee (Comité International Olympique) use French as one of their official administrative languages. This means that French is used as a working language inside the organisation, as well as the language used to communicate to its constituents outside the organisation. If you have your eyes set on working in any of these organisations, French can definitely help you fit right in.


3. You love to travel

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French is a very useful language if you want to explore the world. French is the 5th most spoken language in the world and the 3rd most spoken language in Europe. It is also the official language of 29 countries where it is either the native language or the second language. If you have an itch to travel, here are some must visit French speaking countries for you to check off of your bucket list: Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, French Polynesia, Madagascar, Mauritius, Martinique, Rwanda and Senegal.


4. You love learning about history, culture, and society

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France has such a rich and colourful history that history buffs will surely enjoy exploring. From its infamous monarchs, bloody revolutions, and the contributions of French men and women to the development of society as we know it today, there are so many things to discover about France, its people, history and culture. For example, did you know that the French revolution inspired many revolutions in other countries like the United States, India, and the Philippines? A notable historical figure is Marie Curie who was the first woman to receive the Noble prize and the first person to receive a noble prize twice.

There are also a lot of inventions and discoveries that we still use today that has its origins in France. For example, the braille system for the blind was invented by Louis Braille. The metric system, the standard of measurement for most countries in the world, was created by Gabriel Mouton. The Lumière Brothers invented the cinema experience as we know it today. France has a very rich history and has made numerous contributions to modern society. Knowing French, will help you better understand their work and maybe even read their contributions in the language they wrote them in.


5. You want to advance your academic career

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If you are planning to take your Masters or PhD, France is one of the countries you should be looking into. French universities and Grandes Ecoles are known internationally for their academic excellence and exceptional research. France allocates 20% of its budget to education and research which has enabled the country to provide one of the best and most accessible educational systems in the world.

Support for students, even international students, is also above the standard in France. Students get a lot of support from the government with discounts for food and travel expenses, and affordable student accommodations. Students are also eligible for a carte vitale or medical insurance, while studying in France.


6. You love food

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French culinary techniques are seen as one of the gold standards for fine dining. French culinary schools have produced top chefs from France and all over the globe who have made a name for themselves in the culinary world.

Fusion cuisines are also based in French culinary techniques where classical French techniques are used but the ingredients and the flavours are from other  countries and cultures like Japan and Peru.

The Michelin Star ratings for restaurants was started by the French company Michelin (yes the tyre company) and is the most coveted award by restauranteurs all over the world.

French breads and pastries are also popular internationally. People love French breads and pastries like the croissant, baguette, brioche, macarons, éclairs, and crêpes, among others. Check out blog on French Pastries.


7. You love fashion

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France is one of the fashion capitals of the world, with Paris fashion week being attended by thousands of people from all over the globe. Though the New York Fashion Week is the largest in the world, many top designer fashion houses are still from France and have their shows in Paris.

If you are interested in fashion, studying fashion or even luxury management, learning French will help you find the right fashion or art school for you. It will also give you the advantage of interacting and connecting with designers and major fashion houses in France. 


8. You want language learning to be fun

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Learning French is fun! The French language learning community is huge so you will always have someone whom you can practice speaking the language with. French is the second most studied language in the world and is one of the few languages taught as a foreign language in almost every educational system worldwide.

There are formal institutions, like Alliance Française, that are situated in almost every country in the world, to teach the French language. There are also multiple resources and social media personas online who teach French and support students in learning French.


There are so many reasons to speak a second language and many more reasons why French should be your language of choice. At the end of the day, if you want to learn a language that is fun, beautiful, current, and useful, join the francophone and francophile community and speak French today!


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