French Pronunciation Courses for Business & Immigration

Whether student or professional, we offer comprehensive courses for mastering French Pronunciation called the Preparatory Sprint & Fluency Sprint.

At Avecmavoix we believe in teaching French learners a practical application of the French language. Be they business leaders in need of sharpening their communication skills for an overseas trip, or students preparing for their TEF exam, we offer comprehensive courses to hone your phonetic mastery of the French Language.

We specialize in creating a natural, authentic French accent by developing proper pronunciation with the Syllabic Method. This method, which is officially recommended by the French Ministry of Education, is a teaching technique that focuses on the appropriate pronunciation of specific syllables to improve speaking and listening skills.

We apply this technique in our courses through voice training and one-on-one coaching to best help our clients gain complete mastery of the French language. Specifically, we offer two full French Pronunciation Courses for Business and Immigration, with our Preparatory Sprint and Fluency Sprint.


The Preparatory Sprint

Our Preparatory Sprint helps those looking to embark on a journey to understanding the French language, particularly students or immigrants looking to work or study abroad in French-speaking countries. With the world of bi-lingual employment opportunities growing (which we will touch on in more detail later!) and with many students and professionals broadening their horizons, it is no surprise that immigration to French-speaking countries and universities is growing.

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However, gaining entrance to these fields and places of learning requires, at the very least, a basic understanding of the French language going in. Primarily, immigrants and students will likely have to pass what is called the TEF exam.

The TEF Exam, or The Test de Français, is a standardized test given to non-native French speakers who wish to either study abroad at a university or enter certain professions in a French-speaking country or Province (like Quebec, Canada). For more information on the TEF exam, check out our article on the subject here. Because of the difficulty of the test and the short time given to take it, many students go through extensive preparatory classes beforehand. Our Preparatory Sprint is a thorough French language & pronunciation course that prepares you for this test's Oral Comprehension component.

The Preparatory Sprint is a French-language course that utilizes the Avecmavoix Reading method, a teaching technique based on the Syllabic Method mentioned above, which helps the learner to adopt and develop proper pronunciation skills. This course educates you on the foundations of French fluency by developing correct pronunciation and sounds of the French alphabet, learning the proper spelling of words, developing proper articulation in a standard French accent, and establishing the correspondence between spelling and pronunciation.

In this immersive sprint, you will gain a strong foundation for the French language and master proper, basic pronunciation as you further your understanding of French phonetics and articulation. This sprint was designed to help you understand the structure of the oral French language and train your phonological skills, which are necessary to gain the proper foundation to begin your journey to French fluency.


The Fluency Sprint

Across the globe, the need for bi-lingual employees is increasing exponentially. Multiple studies such as this one, from the University of California and reports, such as this, from New American Economic, show that the overall need for bi-lingual employees has been steadily growing. In contrast, the pool of eligible candidates has failed to meet such a high demand.

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As a result, from the world of social media marketing to boardrooms, and from hospitals to airlines, employers have faced a drought of qualified individuals. For example, at this moment, all across Europe, but especially in French-speaking countries, there is a growing need for bi-lingual applicants in the humanitarian and medical fields.

According to an article from, the nursing field is facing shortages across Europe, dating back to early 2016 and is showing no signs of stopping. Combined with the growing numbers of the elderly population needing care, the need for caregivers and medical personnel will only increase in the coming years.

Many companies are beginning initiatives to train and equip their current employees for expansion into the global market. However, those not preparing their current staff are incentivizing the hiring of bilingual employees. The problem that many of these companies and industry professionals face is the fast-paced nature of the current market; they don't have the time to train their employees’ phonetic and syllabic skills in a traditional setting.

To make matters worse, due to the nature of the fields that require the most help, a surface or even moderate understanding of the French language is insufficient; humanitarian and medical positions often require a deeper, more natural level of communication.

With this in mind, we have developed our innovative and immersive Fluency Sprint. This sprint will help you master articulation of French sounds, develop proper intonation and expression, expand your vocabulary, enhance your listening skills and sound more natural in the French language. You will be coached one-on-one by a phonetic specialist to help you develop a natural French accent and reach reading French fluency.

Our Fluency Sprint was designed for those in the business world who are rising to meet the need in the growing market for bi-lingual employees by training them quickly, efficiently, and masterfully to meet the needs of the modern, global market.

Be it student or professional, we want to see you succeed in your quest to gain mastery of the French language. Combine that with our French Language Discord Server; you will be well on your way to French fluency and new, exciting opportunities. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling in our curriculum, please feel free to message us here.


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