10 French songs for your women empowerment playlist

In celebration of International Women's Day, and International day of La Francophonie, let's "Choose to Challenge" the norms and celebrate « les femmes résilientes » with these awesome French songs all about women empowerment.

In our efforts to choose to challenge and raise awareness on the strength and resilience of women all over the world, here are 10 Francophone singers who chose to challenge the norm. Their voices inspire, not just women, but everyone all over the world, to fight, to change and to be resilient.

Angèle - Balance Ton Quoi (2018)

Angèle Van Laeken is a singer and songwriter from Belgium. Her song "Balance ton quoi", addresses sexism head on, even including a skit near the end discussing the concept of "no means no" to a group of men. The song was released in support of the French #MeToo movement and topped the charts in France.

Balance ton quoi
Même si tu parles mal des filles je sais qu'au fond t'as compris
Balance ton quoi, un jour peut-être ça changera
Balance ton quoi

Balance ton quoi
Even if you talk badly about girls I know deep down you understand
Balance ton quoi, one day maybe things will change
balance ton quoi

(English subtitles available)


Aya Nakamura - Djadja (2018)

French-Malian singer, Aya Danioko, stage name Aya Nakamura, took the world by storm with over 700 million views on YouTube for her song Djadja. In her hit song Djadja, she is talking back and speaking up against a guy spreading rumours about her.

Oh Djadja (oh Djadja)
Y a pas moyen Djadja (y a pas moyen Djadja)
J'suis pas ta catin Djadja, genre, en catchana baby, tu dead ça
Oh Djadja (Djadja)
Y a pas moyen Djadja (Djadja)
J'suis pas ta catin Djadja, genre, en catchana baby, tu dead ça

Oh Djadja, There's no way Djadja
I am not your b**ch Djadja, pretending you're killing it in Catchana
Oh Djadja
There's no way Djadja
I am not your b**ch Djadja, pretending you're killing it in Catchana

(English subtitles available)


Edith Piaf - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien (1960)

When Charles Dumont played this song to the already retired Edith Piaf, she fell in love with it. She came out of retirement to record what would be one of her last hits. "Non je ne regrette rien" is about a life with no regrets. Whether it be good or bad, it is a reminder that in the end, we should live this life and leave this earth with no regrets. 

Non, rien de rien
Non, je ne regrette rien
Ni le bien qu'on m'a fait
Ni le mal
Tout ça m'est bien égal

No, nothing of nothing
No, I don’t regret anything
Neither the good things people have done to me
Nor the bad things, it’s all the same to me.


Zaz - Si Jamais J'oublie (2015)

Zaz, born Isabelle Geffroy, is a French singer likened to the greats like Edith Piaf. Her music style which is a combination of soul, jazz, and acoustic, makes her well loved in the Francophone community. In her song "Si jamais j'oublie", she sings about the importance of not forgetting who she is and not losing herself as she goes through this journey called life.

Si jamais j'oublie, les nuits que j'ai passées
Les guitares et les cris
Rappelle-moi qui je suis, pourquoi, je suis en vie
Si jamais j'oublie les jambes à mon cou,
Si un jour je fuis,
Rappelle- moi qui je suis, ce que je m'étais promis

If someday I forget about all our nights,
About the song of the guitar and all our screams,
Remind me who I am, and why I'm feeling so full of life right now.
If someday I forget how to run away,
And yet, if I still manage to do it somehow,
Remind me who I am, and whatever I promised myself.



France Gall - Ella, elle l'a (1987)

Timeless icon of French music, France Gall, became an international sensation with her song "Ella, elle l'a". In her song, she pays tribute to the Queen of Jazz, Ella Fitzgerald, and at the same time brings awareness to the anti-racism movement.

Ella, elle l’a, ce je-ne-sais-quoi
Que d’autres n’ont pas, qui nous met dans un drôle d’état
Ella, elle l’a Ella, elle l’a, cette drôle de voix
Elle a, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, ou, cette drôle de joie
Ce don du ciel qui la rend belle

She has it, the thing I know about
that others don’t have, that puts us in a funny state
she, she, she has it, she has that funny voice, that funny cheerfulness
that gift from up above that makes her beautiful, she has it



Clara Luciani - La grenade (2018)

Originally part of the group La Femme, Clara Luciani made a name for herself with her Extended Play (EP) "Monstre d'amour" which was a deep expression of the pain of a broken heart. With her first album "Sainte Victoire" , where "La grenade" was released, she shifts the discussion to the empowerment of women, liberation and acceptance.

Hé toi
Qu'est-ce que tu regardes?
T'as jamais vu une femme qui se bat
Dans la ville blafarde
Et je te montrerai
Comme je mords, comme j'aboie

Hey you
What are you looking at?
Have you ever seen a woman who fights
Follow me
In the pale town
And i will show you
How I bite, how I bark



Barbara Pravi - Voilà (2020)

French singer-songwriter Barbara Pravi, with her song "Voilà", is the representative of France for Eurovision 2021. In her song, she stops hiding away from the shadows, takes ownership of herself, and asks the world to accept who she truly is.

Voilà, voilà, voilà, voilà qui je suis
Me voilà même si mise à nue j'ai peur, oui
Me voilà dans le bruit et dans le silence

Here it is, here it is, this is who I am
Here I am even if exposed I'm afraid, yes
Here I am in the noise and in the silence



Camélia Jordana - Facile (2020)

After a short hiatus in the music industry to pursue her acting career, French-Algerian singer and actress Camélia Jordana, returned to the music industry in 2020 with her single "Facile". In her song, she portrays a woman who seems to have it all together but reminds us that it still takes a lot of effort to show up, be confident and happy.

Mais ne me regarde pas comme si c'était facile
Tu sais bien que moi, je ne suis pas si docile
Si tu savais comme ça me coûte
De ne pas te montrer mes doutes
J'en appelle à ma sagesse, S.O.S

But don't look at me like it's easy
You know very well that I am not so docile
If you knew how it costs me
Not to show you my doubts
I appeal to my wisdom, S.O.S



Joyce Jonathan & Lola Dubini - Mon héroïne (2019)

French singer Joyce Jonathan and famous French YouTuber Lola Dubini, join forces in "Mon héroïne", an anthem about women empowerment. In the song, they proudly state that they will be their own heroes, bring good to the world, and that they will no longer be ashamed of who they are.

Je serai mon héroïne
Battante jusqu'à la fin du film
Une force qui surmonte
Les imbéciles de tous les contes
Je porterai mes idées sur le monde

I will be my heroine
Alive until the end of the film
Vivante jusqu'à la fin du film
A woman who confronts
And who will never be ashamed again
I'll take my ideas to the world


Indila - Parle à ta tête (2019)

After 5 years of absence, French singer and songwriter Adila Sedraïa, more popularly known as Indila, returned to the spotlight with her song "Parle à ta tête". In her song, she portrays a young woman struggling with adulting and suffering from depression and burnout, while trying to find balance.


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