Guide to getting started with Avecmavoix

This guide explains how to get started with Avecmavoix. Learn how to join the Avecmavoix Discord Community, book your online French classes and attend your very first class.

New to Avecmavoix? Learn how to set up your account, book and attend online French classes and use Avecmavoix to learn how to speak French.


Why Avecmavoix?

People come to Avecmavoix to learn all the sounds of the French language, receive instant feedback on their French pronunciation and immerse themselves in an online French community, which includes native French tutors and learners from around the world.



Starting an account is quick and easy.

Set up an Avecmavoix account to get access to our community, book and attend your online French classes and start speaking French today.


Step 1: Become a member

Ready to learn and speak French? Members on our free membership get access to French Conversation Classes and a trial French Reading Class. Join other French learners just like you and support each other in achieving your French language goals. No credit card required.

Become a member

Step 2: Accept our invite to join our Discord Community

Our French classes are delivered by native French teachers via the Avecmavoix Discord community. You'll practice greeting new friends in French and also reading French literature aloud in our voice-only online French classes.

Accept invite



Booking your French Classes.

Visit our scheduling page to book your first French Conversation and French Reading Classes. Links to other French classes are accessible within our Discord server depending on your membership level.

Class Timetables & Bookings



Attending your first French Class.

A member of our team will contact you to ensure that you're properly setup for your first online French class at Avecmavoix. Please ensure that you provide your mobile phone number at the time of booking. 

French Conversation Classes

These classes can be accessed at your scheduled class time under the CONVERSATION CLASSES category in the Avecmavoix Discord community by clicking on convo-theatre as per the image below.


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French Reading Classes

As for your reading classes they can be accessed at your scheduled class time under the READING CLASS | A1-A2 category in our Discord Server by clicking on join-voice-session as per the image below.


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Need more help?

Please email our Customer Happiness Team at

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