Learn French on Discord

A list of French language learning Discord servers to learn, practice and speak the fourth most spoken language on the internet.

Did you know that you can learn French on Discord? Join lively communities to learn and talk about various topics in French. Get on Discord today and bring your French language learning to the next level!

What is Discord?

Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app which you can download on your computer or mobile. It is used by millions of people, grouped into different public or private servers, who talk about different topics like games, art, music, writing, language, or just catching up with friends and family. It is also a great app to use for distance learning because of the different functionalities of each server like chat channels, screen sharing, voice chats, and video calls.

Do I need a Discord account to join Discord servers?

Yes. To join any of the Discord servers, you will need to create your own Discord account. 

How do I join Discord?

Download the app on your mobile or on your desktop. Click "register", set up your account, and voila, you're in! Download links are listed below.

Download for Desktop:                      Windows                Mac

Download for Mobile:                          Android                  iOS

For more support on Discord, you can check out their comprehensive guide for beginners here.

Which Discord Servers can I join to learn and practice French?

Now that you have a Discord account, check out these Discord servers where you can learn French. Just click the links below to join these French language learning communities arranged in alphabetical order.

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